What is an Innovation District?

Watch the video below to learn more about the new geography of innovation districts and the Metropolitan Revolution.

Our Innovation District

In the heart of downtown, Chattanooga's innovation district is approximately a quarter mile walk radius from the intersection of M.L. King Blvd and Georgia Avenue. This area includes many of Chattanooga’s main downtown public spaces such as Miller Park and Miller Plaza, which is currently in the process of a redesign to increase usability.         

The Edney Innovation Center

Anchoring the Innovation District is the Edney Innovation Center. The 90,000 square foot, 10-story building sits at the corner of Market and 11th Streets, serving as a connecting point, support base and catalyst for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.  ➜ LEARN MORE

Improving the Public Realm

Coming soon...

District Redevelopment

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A catalytic mix of start-up businesses, business incubators & accelerators alongside innovation economy generators & amenities - available in a dense, walkable urban core