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The Edney Innovation Center

As the 2015-2016 year began, TEC had just accepted the proposal of a local firm, DEW Edney LLC to be the developer of the Edney Innovation Center in the heart of the downtown Innovation District. Work to renovate the building began rapidly and by mid-September, Co.Lab and TEC moved their operations into the building, with Co.Lab taking the primary office space on the first floor, and hosting the building’s first official gathering there during Start-up Week. Society of Work, the city’s first co-working space followed shortly as Floor Six was finished. 

By the end of the fiscal year in June, 2016, and still under renovation, the Edney was 50% leased and 40% occupied with 38 companies in addition to the 31 members of Society of Work and TEC and Co.Lab. The 755 square foot Edney roof deck opened in 2016 for use by building occupants and guests. 

Active programming began in fall 2015 on Floor Five to ensure the majority of the floor would serve its primary mission to be the active collision space and gathering center for the building, the district and the innovation and startup economy. In the nine months ending in June 2016, 960 events had been held on Floor Five with 15,858 total attendees. These gatherings include repeat scheduling of groups such as CHA Dev, A Million Cups, Creative Mornings, and Innovation Happy Hour, and others singular events such as visits from out of town delegations, workshops, training sessions, receptions, etc. 

Floor One, 2200 square feet on the corner of Market and 11th Streets is leased by TEC for eventual use by the public. In the planning phase now, it will be a unique street level space offering food and beverages and will be programmed for a curated program of art, technology and learning that engages the public, prototypes new ideas, and attracts people of all backgrounds and interests.

In addition to The Edney Innovation Center, below are other noteworthy recent developments in the district.


Vayner Media

A social media agency for Fortune 500 companies with offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles opened its fourth national office in Chattanooga’s Innovation District.


701 Cherry Street

This building, the site of the original Krystal Restaurant and later Krystal headquarters reopened as the Innovation District’s newest multi-technology company building by Fidelity Trust.  

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Miller Park

Final design work is underway on plans to re-envision downtown’s three major public parks, Miller Park, Miller Plaza and Patten Parkway, all in the Innovation District as a set of uniquely engaging public spaces for Chattanoogans of every walk of life.  Renovation begins later in 2016 for a 2017 completion.  


UTC Mapp Building

This former state office building that significantly extends the campus footprint into the Innovation District re-opened in 2016 to house UTC’s Occupational and Physical Therapy programs and with a commitment by UTC to provide innovation directed programming once plans are complete.

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Cultural offerings continue to expand in the Innovation District, now anchored on the east side of the district by the new home of ArtsBuild on the corner of 11th and Houston Streets.  In this historic building ArtsBuild also provides offices for other arts organizations and businesses.


MLK Mural

Marking a signature accomplishment for Chattanooga’s Public Art Program, the city and the ML King neighborhood celebrated the completions of one of the largest murals in the U.S. Wrapping around all four sided of the AT&T building at 300 M.L. King Blvd, the mural tells the past, present and future of the historic Martin Luther King District.  The work was painted by nationally acclaimed muralist Meg Saligman and a team of local artists.

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728 Market

Construction on Chattanooga’s largest downtown building in over a decade began in late 2015 for a ten story apartment building with 125 units and office space made possible through the efforts of River City Company.


Tomorrow Building

Vacant for years, the historic John Ross Hotel on the NW corner of Patten Parkway is being converted by Lamp Post Group as 39 micro unit apartments, the first coliving residence in the Southeast.


Fleetwood Coffee Building

Located in the eastern section of the Innovation District, renovation was complete in 2016 on this historic building, providing a mix of apartments and offices.  

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This former office building on Chestnut Street began leasing and selling 55 apartments and condominiums in 2016 and is completing ground floor commercial space.