April 21, 2017

The Tomorrow Building

Chattanooga is all about taking it to the next level. We did it with the Internet by being the first city to offer “the gig.” Now we’re doing it with co-living at The Tomorrow Building.

With 39 fully-furnished micro-unit apartments, shared community spaces, and tons of engaging events, The Tomorrow Building is an up-scale, co-living apartment building for Chattanooga’s many creatives, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers.

“I was the first person to sign a lease in June 2016, before any of the interior walls were even erected,” says Gina Owensby, a current resident of The Tomorrow Building. “I picked out the space on the 4th floor where I saw the greatest potential and instinctively knew I would want to live here…. seven months later, here I am.”

Tomorrow 2.jpg

The three-month, six-month, and twelve-month leases offer a variety of options, making them perfect whether you are just trying out the city or want be in a creative environment permanently.

Part of what makes The Tomorrow Building unique is that the rent includes all utilities, and that means having Chattanooga’s gigabit Internet in each unit and throughout the building. Plus, residents have unlimited access to the multi-purpose creative spaces and communal kitchen and living rooms.

These shared living spaces are designed to entice the young entrepreneurs and trailblazers who thrive in collaborative environments. Whether it’s discussing ideas over a bottle of wine in one of the communal kitchens or hosting a meet-and-greet game night in the multi-purpose space, these areas foster the collision and collaboration that spurs progress.

“The building, management, the atmosphere and, more importantly, the tenants bring youth, vitality, inspiration, and experience together in one almost perfect living arrangement,” says Owensby. “So far I enjoy and find many benefits of the co-living lifestyle. Besides it being an upscale, innovative and safe place to live, it provides me with a way of meeting people that may have never crossed my path, as well as affording an opportunity to spend time getting to know one another. Really what is not to like?”

Tomorrow 3.jpg

The Building also promises to host regular events, ranging from talks with expert entrepreneurs and lunch-and-learns to movie nights and themed potluck dinners, which are designed to promote success both socially and professionally.

The super central location of The Tomorrow Building, right in the middle of the Innovation District, provides prime access to the innovation ecosystem of the district, as well as the many other exciting and entertaining aspects of the city.

To learn more about the innovative co-living options available at The Tomorrow Building, check out their website.